Paul Hammant's Delivery Optimization

First showcased in a 2014 blog entry, and later the same year the artwork was pulled into the excellent Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale book by Jez Humble, Barry O’Reilly, and Joanne Molesky.

Latest version of the PDF for the practices correlated with Trunk-Based Development is here (236K): the big pdf

Thinking of going direct to CD from your one release every hundred days starting position? That is a very challenging transition, so here’s what I normally do for clients: ¦

Below is the 22-category PDF version of the chart zoomed out and ghosted, with the before and after depicted again:

All versions of this PDF (most recent first).

Date Version  Changes
Sep 15, 2017 2.8 lots of small improvements
Sep 4, 2017 2.7 Binary dependencies & integration sections added, and other small improvements
Aug 25, 2017 2.6 Major/minor branching model expanded and clarified, and other small improvements
Aug 10, 2017 2.5 Code freeze, pre-prod environments redone, note about pairing, sign-offs, build cops, release prep
Aug 7, 2017 2.4.2 Too many to list
Aug 8, 2014 1.0 Initial version (a page not a PDF)

Make sure to check back as this is an ongoing project.